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Big Sky Colony Electric praised for saving a community that was in a dire situation - January 2024

For five days, the city of Browning had been struggling without access to water. Just when the needed component arrived, it was discovered that it was already broken. In a call for assistance, the tribe reached out to Dan Wipf, manager of Big Sky Colony Electric in Cut Bank. BIG SKY COLONY ELECTRIC sells a variety of electrical parts to customers worldwide. Luckily, Dan Wipf had the specific component – a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) – in stock and ready to use. This device controls the motor speed and was quickly installed at the Stu Miller Water Treatment Plant on the Blackfeet Reservation. The tribe reported that the water supply was back up and running smoothly again after this successful retrofit.

Kwebb Galbreath, the tribe's water director and incident commander, praised Big Sky Colony Electric for preventing the tribe from experiencing a "very disturbing" situation.

He expressed his gratitude for their assistance, saying it was difficult to put into words. The tribe was in desperate need of help and Big Sky Colony Electric delivered. It was truly incredible.

Wipf hopes that this incident will spread awareness about Big Sky Colony Electric and their availability for these types of parts. He points out that VFDs can weigh up to 100 pounds, making shipping from an out-of-state vendor expensive and risky due to the risk of damage. He wants Montanans to know that Big Sky Colony Electric is ready and willing to help, just a car ride away.

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