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PLC programming and real world applications!

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Are you frustrated with your wood pellet smoker's inconsistent cooking results due to temperature overshoot and poor thermal regulation? It’s likely because of the outdated PI control loop on your control board, rather than a more precise PID control system. Our solution helps your cooking experience by implementing a PID control loop, ensuring accurate and stable temperature control for perfectly smoked dishes every time. 

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Make-up Air Systems


A MAKE-UP air unit brings in fresh outside air and adjusts it to match the indoor temperature in order to replace the air that's being drawn out by your kitchen exhaust equipment. Without this system, you may experience back drafting, difficulty regulating the temperature, negative air pressure, and poor air quality. The PLC system utilizes advanced control logic and facilitates communication between all components of the ventilation system. Additionally, the variable speed fan motor ensures efficient operation. Demand control ventilation is a crucial aspect of maintaining proper air circulation and quality in your space.

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Intelligent Green House


Proper monitoring of temperature and humidity levels in the greenhouse, as well as soil temperature and humidity, is crucial for the growth and productivity of plants. Utilizing greenhouse automation can significantly increase productivity. This system focuses on continuously monitoring and controlling key parameters within the greenhouse, which greatly impact plant growth. Farmers who rely solely on their own observations and instincts may not always achieve accurate results. Therefore, this system provides accurate data on the necessary actions to be taken in different environmental conditions within the greenhouse.

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Slurry & Manure

Manure is a byproduct of all animal farms.
PLCs have the capability to oversee and control various agricultural tasks, including irrigation, greenhouse operations, and livestock management through the use of sensors.
As fertilizer costs continue to rise, farmers may start utilizing manure as a source of nutrients for their crops. The management of manure will be a key aspect in the future of farming.

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